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2016 River Towns Race Series

Scoring and Awards Overview


The River Towns Race Series is a season-long, cross-discipline race experience designed to challenge everyone from beginners to the most seasoned racers.  Located in and around Montour County, PA, the series is designed to get you to ‘step out of your comfort zone’ while enjoying some of the best racing, scenery, food and beverages central Pennsylvania has to offer.  Racers are able to not only win prizes and acclaim at each race in the series, but also get a shot at fortune and glory for the series as a whole!

Each race in the 2016 River Towns Race Series will provide its own unique set of prizes and awards, as well as recognize the achievements of each racer in his or her age category.  In addition, we track the season-long progress of each racer in the series and offer cash and other prizes to year-end series champions in each age category, as well as the overall male and female champions.  The specific details are as follows:


Age Categories

The River Towns Race Series (RTRS) age categories will remain unchanged from previous years.  Age is determined by your age as of 12/31/2016.  This will prevent racers from possibly changing age categories mid-season.  The RTRS age categories, for both men and women, are:

up to 10         36 – 40

11 – 15          41 – 45

16 – 20          46 – 50

21 – 25          51 – 55

26 – 30          56 – 60

31 – 35          61 and over

Please note that even if a race within the RTRS might use different age categories, your RTRS points will be awarded based upon the categories shown here.


Points (by place)

As we’ve done in past years, we’ll be awarding 20 additional bonus points to the overall male & female winners of each race.  This helps us acknowledge their exceptional achievements while not putting the points race out of reach for other racers.  This 20 point bonus will be in addition to the finishing position points described below.

As in past years, within each age category and each gender, points will be awarded based upon your finishing position in each race.  Points for finishing position (place) will be awarded as follows:

Finish              Points

1st                            10

2nd                            8

3rd                            6

top ten                     5

top 50%                   3

participation           2

DNF/DNR              0


Weighted Scoring

The RTRS weighs each racer’s score in two ways.  First, we calculate a travel factor for each racer at each race.  Racers who live more than 50 miles from the starting location of a race (as measured in Google Earth as a straight line distance) will have their score multiplied by 1.1.  One of the missions of the RTRS is to attract racers to visit Montour County, PA.  Racers who are willing to make the more than 50 mile trip to come race with us are given this bonus as our way of saying ‘thanks’.  We hope you’ll be back again.  If you’re local, please note that we take great care to make sure you’re not getting the short end of the stick on this.  Our goal here is to attract greater numbers of distant racers while still respecting our local racers.

RTRS scores are also weighed by using a difficulty factor for each race and, in some cases, for categories within a race.  For instance, a member of a team typically receives a lower difficulty factor for a race than someone who goes solo.  The RTRS uses a scale of 1–11 to measure the relative difficulty of a race because, well, 1–10 is boring!  The difficulty factors for the 2016 races are being adjusted from last year’s values, so be sure to plan your season’s strategy carefully.  Your best bet is to race with us at every race!  The difficulty factors for the 2016 RTRS races are as follows:

2016 RTRS difficulty factors

Scoring Example

To calculate your RTRS points for each race, the score that you’ve earned from your finishing position is first multiplied by your travel factor.  That value is then multiplied by the race difficulty factor to determine your final RTRS points for the race.

For example, let’s say you run the Humdinger, place first in your age category and travel more than fifty miles to get to the race.  Your RTRS points earned for this race would be calculated as:

finishing position points   X   travel factor   X   difficulty factor   =  RTRS points

10                                       X          1.1           X              4.5             =      49.50

Now, just come out for a few more RTRS races this year and you’re well on your way to finishing in the money!


Fees to Participate

There are no fees to participate in the RTRS, other than the entry fee you’ll pay to enter each race.  We want you to come out again and again, so we don’t charge you extra to compete for the RTRS overall series awards.  Speaking of awards…………


2016 River Towns Race Series Awards

A total of $500 cash and $1,000 in 2017 RTRS race vouchers is on the line in 2016 for year-end champs.  As we’ve done in the past, we’ll award prizes in two ways.  First, the overall male and female champions, as determined by combining the results of the entire series (11 races), will both take home a check for $250.  Second, we’ll tally only the point totals for everyone’s best seven races in the series.  This helps to make up for anyone who just couldn’t make it to one or two of the races or who joined the series mid-way through the year or perhaps who moved out of the area.  The seven race point totals will be used to determine the top three finishers in each age category in each gender.  Those 72 racers (ties may result in additional winners) will split a total of $1,000 in 2017 River Towns Race Series race vouchers, to be awarded at our 2016 River Towns Race Series Awards Luncheon / 2017 Season Kickoff Event.  Non-cash prizes (trophies) are available for those with college eligibility or other concerns.

All prizes must be claimed within 30 days of the 2016 RTRS final results being posted on the River Towns Race Series website.


Still have questions?  If so, please email Bob Stoudt at RStoudt@MontourRec.com or call (570) 336-2060.  We’ll hope to see you out there.  Step out of your comfort zone and come race with us!


– page updated 2/20/16 –