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Saturday, July 22, 2017

Come to Danville, PA for the River Towns Race Series’ Montour 24!  Whether you’re ready to compete at the 12-hour (day or night options), 24-hour ultra-endurance level, the 6 hour solo or the 24-hour four-person relay team level, the Montour 24 will be a true test of your mid-summer fitness.  Run at one of the most historic and beautiful parks in central Pennsylvania, the Montour 24 will be the newest addition to your must-do list each year.





Saturday, July 22, 2017


7:00am Saturday start – 7:00am Sunday finish (12-hour nighttime race begins at 7:00pm EST)


Hess Recreation Area, 300 Meadow Lane, Danville, PA 17821 USA


Hess Recreation Area, 300 Meadow Lane, Danville, PA 17821 USA


$45 for 6 hour ($55 after 5/8/17)

$70 for 12 hour ($80 after 5/8/17)

$70 for 12 hour night run ($80 after 5/8/17)

$95 for 24 hour ($105 after 5/8/17)

$180 for four-person 24 hour relay team ($220 after 5/8/17)


70 for the 24-hour

50 for the 12 hour (daytime)

50 for the 12-hour (nighttime)

30 for the 6-hour

15 four-person relay teams


5:15am – 6:45am race day; 6:00pm – 6:45pm for 12-hour nighttime race (Hess Recreation Area); NO DAY-OF-RACE REGISTRATION


  • Custom t-shirt
  • Full race support (beverage/snack/food stop, restrooms/showers, volunteer/staff support)
  • Free on-site camping (in your gear)
  • Free parking
  • Custom awards (see below) for overall male and female finishers of each race as well as winning 4-person relay team
  • Custom finishers’ awards for all race finishers
  • Medical support provided by the Geisinger Sports Medicine/Orthopaedic Institute



The Montour 24 offers 6, 12 (day or night versions) and 24 hour individual endurance trail runs or four-person relay 24 hour endurance trail runs on a fully supported loop course in the Hess Recreation Area in Danville, PA.


The 1.50 mile loop course is entirely on non-technical single and double-track with the exception of the grass field crossing to access the aid station and start/finish line. The course is entirely traffic free. The trails are wide enough to run next to another runner or easily pass them throughout most of the course.

  • Distance: 1.50 miles
  • Surface: 100% non-technical single and double-track grass/gravel trails
  • Type: loop
  • Course elevation (max/min): 485ft / 460ft
  • Course records: male: Paul Riley, age 32 of Tomball, TX 120.69mi; female: Charlotte Vasarhelyi, age 38 of Kitchener, Ontario, 105.79mi


 NOTE: The Wine in the Pines Festival will not be held on the same weekend as the race in 2017.


This race is not for the faint of heart or the weekend warrior. This is a serious mid-summer endurance challenge, suited only to those who have put in the time and training to compete in an event of this magnitude. Racers are not required to qualify for this event, but race organizers and medical staff will carefully monitor the condition of all racers throughout the event and will retain the authority to stop any participant deemed medically unfit to continue.


The trails and features at the Hess Recreation Area celebrate over 115 years of history as Danville’s premiere outdoor recreation destination.  Since 1897, Danville residents have maintained the former line of the Catawissa (Reading) Railroad as what may be the oldest rail-to-trail in the United States.  The Montour 24 is a great opportunity for racers and supporters alike to have a great time in a beautiful and historic setting.


The relay option will be span the entire 24 hours. The team will rotate 1 runner every hour, in a predetermined order, to complete the 24 hours. Each team member at the end will have run a total of 6 hours.

Relay teams will need to elect a team captain who will be responsible for registering and paying for the entire team. Once the team has been activated, the remaining team members will then need to complete the registration process after they are invited by the team captain.


There is plenty of space for you to set up a tent or canopy directly along the course, which is what the majority of participants will do and we encourage you to do the same no matter which time option you are competing in. The park will be open Friday night and you may camp for free. Relay teams are encouraged to decorate their team tents and bring tailgating games to play between your turn to run.

Would your fans rather sleep somewhere a bit less ‘rustic’?  We have just the place for them.  The Pine Barn Inn in Danville has all the amenities they might want and offers a 20% discount to any River Towns Race Series racers or fans.  Mention the discount code ‘MARC’ or enter it as your discount code when booking online and enjoy a 20% savings off the regular room rate!

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Food and water will be available every 1.5 miles located just past the start/finish line. The aid station pavilion will be fully stocked and will include a variety of foods such as fresh fruit, chips, energy bars, sandwiches and snacks. We will also have special items such as grilled cheese, pierogies and soup throughout the race day. Relay team members will have access to the aid station while they are running but all teams should plan on bringing their own food to eat while they are waiting for their turn to run again.

To help keep this race from producing unnecessary trash, please bring your own water bottle to use during the race!! We will provide coffee mugs and cups along with iced coffee cups for our delicious Bason Coffee but feel free to bring your favorite travel mug from home!


Porta-potties will be placed alongside the course and camping area.  A restroom building with indoor facilities, sinks and hot/cold showers is located less than 100 yards from the main pavilion.


The awards for the Montour 24 are as unique as the history of the area!  Each overall male and female winner in each time option, along with the winners of the 4 person team relay, will receive a custom forged railroad spike knife.  Each knife will be hand stamped with the race name and time option won.  Every participant, no matter the distance run, will receive a custom finisher award.



The course is designed so that you may, at any time, have access to the aid station and tenting area directly after completing a lap. You may rest as long as you want and start back running when you want. To make it as fair as possible, we ask that you do not leave the race site unless you absolutely must do so. If you decide that you must leave the event during the run, you must check out at the official “Check-In and Out Table,” located near the start/finish line and timing tent.

We expect relay teams to also stay at the race site for the majority of the 24 hours. It would be an unfair advantage for relay members who are local to go home and sleep in their beds when runners who have traveled from far away are sleeping in tents at the site. Relay team members are permitted to leave the race site for the purposes of obtaining food, additional gear, etc.


Runners must have a headlamp at all times from dusk until dawn – no exceptions! The course will not be illuminated during the night except at the aid station and start/finish line. We will marshal the course throughout the night for your safety.


Runners may have crews and can access them through the tenting/canopy area and through the aid station pavilion.  Pacers will be allowed for 24-hour runners only during the dusk to dawn period.  Pacers will not be allowed during the daylight hours.


The Montour 24 strives to be cup-free to the extent possible.  Please bring your own water bottle to use during the race.  We’ll provide coffee mugs and iced coffee cups for our delicious Bason Coffee, but bring your favorite travel mug from home.


To review the 2015 race results, please click here.


Congratulations to everyone who endured 6, 12 or 24 hours of racing with us at the inaugural Montour 24 Endurance Runs!  It was an exceptional weekend of racing with a fantastic group of racers.  We could not have asked for a better first-year event.  Special thanks to Dave Walker and our many volunteers who made it all possible and Bason Coffee Roasting and Geisinger Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine for helping us get through the day.

Photos are now available at and .  You’re sure to find one of your favorite runner.

UltraSignup results are available here.

To join the post-race discussion and share your feedback, please visit our Facebook page.

Thanks again to everyone who made the Montour 24 such an amazing success.  We’ll hope to see everyone in Danville again in 2015!

– Bob



The race is full, do you maintain a wait list?


The wait list is now closed.  No changes, additions or deletions will be made.



What is your refund policy?


The refund period has ended.  No refunds, deferrals or bib transfers will be made.


If I am a registered runner but cannot participate due to an injury or illness can I defer my entry to the following year?


No. We do not allow deferrals, rollovers, or bib transfers, but depending on when you withdraw you might be eligible for a partial refund of your entry fee.


Are headphones allowed?


Yes, we’ll allow headphones, though we don’t necessarily encourage their use. If you’re going to run with headphones on, you’ve got to run responsibly and remain aware of your surroundings at all times. We want you to have fun, but we want you (and our other racers) to stay safe too.


Where can I find information about local lodging for friends or family members who are coming with me but who don’t want to camp out?


Our partners at the Columbia-Montour Visitors Bureau have all the information about food, lodging and other local events that you could possibly need. Please visit their website at for more information.


I left something at a race. What should I do?


Either contact us or wait a day or two and check the race website. We’ll likely post a “Lost and Found” page on the race updates page. There you can browse photos of items left at the race and see if your missing item is among the photos.


What if I get hurt?


Racing can be dangerous! No person should enter a race of any type without carefully considering the risks involved. Your consideration should include factors that are completely out of the normal range of consideration. You could be hit by a car. You could fall. You could run into another runner or be run into by them. You could be hit by lightning. Although the organizers of the race spend months putting systems in place to make the race as safe as possible, there are ALWAYS RISKS. You should participate in each race at a level that keeps you in control of your safety. Always exercise caution and restraint on the course. Any racer found by the Race Director to be behaving irresponsibly will be disqualified immediately and asked to leave the race. WHEN YOU SIGN-UP FOR THIS RACE, YOU ARE ACCEPTING THE POTENTIAL FOR INJURY AS PART OF THE EXPERIENCE. You are saying that you alone accept this potential risk and are willfully participating at your own risk. You are accepting ANYTHING that could happen on the race course regardless of events leading to the dangerous condition, including negligence. YOU ARE AGREEING TO HOLD ALL PEOPLE, GROUPS, BUSINESSES AND ORGANIZATION HARMLESS AND AGREEING NOT TO SUE IN THE EVENT THAT YOU BECOME INJURED.

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